Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Garden

Perk #356 of the new home is the yard.  This year I was able to plant my own garden with the help of my very hard-working, expert of a grandpa.  Here are some the pics this far....

We started from scratch, we removed the grass square by square (transplant below).
To the front of the house.

Tadaaa... added some landscaping stones.

This is the top level where we planted the tomatoes, peppers, and peas.

Grandpa added manure and soil to my awful, clay-like, soil.

Here he is tillin' up the land...

My first sprout.  Hard to see but it's in there!

Homemade signs. Found the wood slabs at Hobby Lobby, spray painted with chalkboard paint and added my labels.

And the Harvest... Lettuce

Green Beans

Sugar-Snap Peas


And Jalapenos.

I am still waiting to pick my carrots and green onions.  This has been a wonderful experience and have even developed a love for tomatoes!

Kadance Event's

Kadance is a pretty busy lady.  Here are some of the activities she has been involved with lately.
New Member of the Junior Hawk Club

Super Girl for AWANA'S

80's Girl for Generation Day at School

Award Recipient for completing her AWANA book

And 2nd grader in Sunday School!

I scream for Ice Cream

Another perk to the new house is the ice cream truck that comes by once a week. We can hear it coming down the street every tuesday at 4:45.  This has been great with this hot summer.

Everyone enjoys a push pop.

Spring Activities

This spring we made our first trip to Sky Zone in Grimes. It is a building with trampolines everywhere. You can free style jump, play basketball or dodgeball, or jump into a pit of foam.  Kadance was a pro at flips by the end of the night. Kelly and I were just sore.

Here is just a evening in the park. We rode our bikes on the path down to a park and then to a resturant over by our house. 

Kadance and I's nails at the resturant!

Birthday Boy

We celebrated Jack's 4th birthday in April. His cookie is from the Three Dog Bakery in Ankeny.