Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Hutch Project

After seeing this idea on a blog that I follow, I could not wait steal the look and complete the project myself. I found this on craigslist for $60
Here are some of the steps to the transformation.
                                           Kelly got a new sander, and we stripped it down.

                                                       We used a gripper paint to cover,

Then painted 2 coats of untinted white semi gloss.
Replaced all the hardware
Kelly added lighting to the top

And finished! We covered the back with a textured wall paper and painted it gray.
I am still trying to figure to decide what to put in it. Kelly did alot of the work
and it looks great, it also inspired us to do another project.....


Now that Kadance is in Kindergarten, we thought that it was time for her to start doing some simple chores and to be rewarded for them.  We also thought while we were at it we could reward and discpline her for her good and bad behaviors.  We wrote up a BIG contract to refer to, it has been fun and is a good teaching experience for her.


Kadance got her 1st airplane ride from my friend Sara, who is a pilot.
She was very excited for the idea and did a good job up in the plane, but I think she
was a little unsure about the experience.  It was also Kelly and I first time up with Sara. We
had a great time. Thanks Sara!!